TEPA Newsletter – June – July 2015

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Baron & TEPA – Success in Cuba

Over the past two years TEPA has been working arduously to introduce Saint Lucian products in a systematic and structured manner into Cuba. This entailed participation in the Feria Internacional de La Habana, 32nd Havana International Fair (FIHAV), a multi-sectorial fair where the sectors on display consisted of consumer goods…. Read More…[/column]

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Cuba Caribbean Business Forum

Thursday July 16, 2015, the Honorable Emma Hippolyte, Minister of Commerce Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs and Roberto Verrier, Director of the Centro de Promociὁn del Comercio Exterior y la Inversiὁn Extranjera (CEPEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding… Read More… [/column]

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St Lucia Distillers Won Gold

St Lucia Distillers walks away with six titles after the conclusion of the 20th staging of International Spirits Challenge 2015 Awards, one of the world’s largest, oldest and most respected blind-tasting spirits competitions.Held at the Honorable Artillery Company in London, Drinks International’s annual… Read More… [/column]

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OECS Fashion Seminar

The OECS-CBU and TEPA hosted a Regional Seminar on the Fashion and Garment Industry and Economic Development in the Caribbean in Saint Lucia on July 1st and 2nd, 2015. The two-day event which was jointly sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), the OECS Commission and theand the Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) of Saint Lucia, brought… Read More… [/column]

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Angel Investor Training

On July 10 Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) in collaboration with TEPA facilitated a workshop on Angel Investor engagement to OECS member state entrepreneurs, Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and stakeholders. The objectives of the workshop were to: Introduce to participants the concept of angel investing, the profile of typical Angels and what …Read More… [/column]

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Workshop On USA Food Safety Management Act

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) with support from the FAS/USDA and USAID, IICA has developed a series of activities to strengthen countries’ familiarization with the Food Safety Modernization Act(FSMA) and associated proposed regulations that affect…Read More… [/column]

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TEPA OECS Mission Reveals a Positive Outlook for Exporters

The Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency led a business mission to Antigua and Dominica. The initiative is one of three missions which aim at exploring and forging business opportunities within the OECS member states. The mission was coordinated by TEPA’s Marketing and… Read More…[/column]

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Commercializing Breadfruit for Food and Nutrition Security

The Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) received an invitation from the Faculty of Food and Agriculture of the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine Campus, to participate in the International Congress on Breadfruit in Trinidad from July 06 – 10, 2015…. Read More… [/column]

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Exchange TEN

Saint Lucia and Martinique share a rich colonial history which on record began in the early sixteen century. Over the years, the two countries have established many positive diplomatic, cultural, educational ties/relations with the objective to benefit its citizenry and economy in general. On June 2nd 2014, a declaration of… Read More… [/column]

Upcoming Events



Theme: Economic Growth Through Business Support

Hosted by Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs

Business Month is a series of activities in September hosted by Ministry of Commerce and Affiliate Agencies. These activities will highlight the functions of our various organisations – individually and collectively – in promoting and fostering business development on the island.

A number of exciting activities are already on the cards including a debate between Monroe College and the National Youth Council, Mini Services Expo, Women Farmer’s Market, Launch of World Standards Day, Launch of TEPA’s Export Handbook, MSE Finance Seminar to name a few.

Stay tuned to your local media for more information on Business Month Activities.

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ASK Anthony

Q. How are services exported?

A. According to the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) agreement, there are four (4) modes of supply for the delivery of services. They are as follows:

Mode 1: Cross-border supply

Services are delivered within the territory of the member from the territory of another member.

(i.e. the seller being in one country and the buyer in another. e.g. Distance training, tele-medical advice, international telephone call-centers, market research reports)

Mode 2: Consumption Abroad

Services are delivered outside the territory of the member in the territory of another member to a service consumer of the member.


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(i.e. the consumer of firm making use of the service in another country, e.g. Tourism, seeking educational and medical services abroad)

Mode 3: Commercial Presence

Services are delivered within the territory of the member through the commercial presence of the supplier.

(i.e. an established affiliate, subsidiary or representative office of a foreign owned and controlled company present in the member country e.g. Banks)

Mode 4: Presence of a natural person

Services are delivered within the territory of the member with the supplier present as a natural person.

(i.e. services provided by individuals of one member in the territory of any other e.g. consultants)


Did You Know?

  • The United States is the largest services exporter in the world, both in overall commercial services and in most major services categories. In 2013, services exports directly and indirectly supported 4.2 million U.S. jobs.Source: International Trade Administration (ITA) Office of Trade and Economic Analysis

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