St Lucia Distillers Won Gold at the International Spirits Challenge 2015

St Lucia Distillers walks away with six titles after the conclusion of the 20th staging of International Spirits Challenge 2015 Awards, one of the world’s largest, oldest and most respected blind-tasting spirits competitions.

international-spirits-2015Held at the Honorable Artillery Company in London, Drinks International’s annual Awards is the culmination of months of blind-tastings by some of the industry’s most refined palates.

A record number of spirits and liqueurs were tasted in 2015, with almost 1,300 entries across 13 categories. With trophies being awarded in all 11 spirits categories; St. Lucia Distillers walked away with a total of six after the biggest tasting of all categories in the Challenge.

For the third successive year, St Lucia Distillers earns the Rum Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge.  It was Admiral Rodney who now follows in the footsteps of 1931 2nd Edition in 2014 and Chairman’s Reserve Finest in 2013.  It’s also the third trophy in recent years for Admiral Rodney, which was judged the best rum in the world by the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2012 and again at the International Spirits Challenge in 2009.

To top it off St Lucia Distillers was adjudged the best rum producer in the world, winning the inaugural “Rum Producer of the Year” award. Additionally trophies that were also awarded to the distillery were; 1931 3rd Edition (Gold Medal), Chairman’s Reserve (Silver medal), Chairman’s Reserve: Forgotten Cask (Silver medal), Chairman’s Reserve Spiced (Bronze Medal) and Chairman’s Reserve White (Bronze Medal). .

Marketing Manager for St Lucia Distillers, Sergin Joseph says, “We at St Lucia Distillers are excited about our latest wins from this competition. We as a distillery are happy this competition gave us the opportunity to showcase the consistency and quality of our rums. We look forward to many more years of success and congratulate our fellow winners”.


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