EXCELP: Exporter Capacity Enhancement Program

The Exporter Capacity Enhancement Programme (EXCELP) is a training product for enterprise capacity-building activities jointly developed by ITC and Export Saint Lucia. It is a comprehensive capacity-building programme covering the conceptual foundations, analytical frameworks, planning processes and operational techniques of the exporting process. The objective is to transmit practical approaches to identify market opportunities, build exports and create market linkages.

EXCELP addresses managers and owners of small businesses in Saint Lucia who have little or no experience in exporting but wish to enter foreign markets with their products and services. The programme provides introductory knowledge and practical skills to understand marketing as a critical discipline to build international competitiveness and long-term export success.

Who is EXCELP For?

EXCELP targets the following people:

  1. Manufacturers of goods
  2. Service providers
  3. Owners of SME’s
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Producers

How is EXCELP Delivered?

EXCELP takes a practical and user-friendly approach to professional training. It offers blended learning methodologies and quality training materials that can be customized to various audience needs and sector requirements. The training material is built in a logical framework to offer general knowledge, subject specialization and technical skill-building.

What Topics are Covered under EXCELP? 

EXCELP is made up of 12 modules:


Unit 1 – Introduction to Exporting

Unit 2 – Export Strategy Design

Unit 3 – Market Research

Unit 4 – Target Market Selection Methodology

Unit 5 – Export Entry Modes

Unit 6 – Prompting and responding to sales enquiries

Unit 7 – Preparing Specifications and Negotiating

Unit 8 – Pricing and quoting

Unit 9 – Costing

Unit 10 – Fulfilling Freight Operations

Unit 11 – Getting Paid

Unit 12 – Exporting from St. Lucia

When and Where is EXCELP Available?

Follow our social media pages @exportsaintlucia for information on upcoming EXCELP sessions.