Who does Export Saint Lucia help?


These are firms or sectors that are already exporting to regional or international markets

Export Ready Firms

These are firms or sectors that have the capacity to begin exporting.

Potential Exporters

These are firms or sectors that should develop export capacity.

Can your business be classed as any of the above?

Are you looking to achieve any of the following goals?
  • Promote your good or service in an overseas market
  • Participate in trade shows and overseas missions
  • Develop corporate branding
  • Improve your packaging and labelling
  • Expand your existing markets, and generate direct sales
  • Facilitate ecommerce and generate website sales promotion
  • Develop new distribution channels
  • Develop joint venture partnerships or licencing opportunities
  • Source raw materials and inputs that can lower manufacturing costs
  • Gain market and competitive intelligence
  • Protect your intellectual property in new markets
  • Have your authentic Saint Lucian product or service promoted within the domestic market (OECS)
  • Partner with other agencies to receive business support in these areas:
    • Production expansion or improvements
    • Managing quality improvement and standardization
    • Source export financing
    • Export facilitation
    • Export analysis and information dissemination
    • Capacity building

 If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above mentioned goals, Export Saint Lucia can work with your firm at the international level to accomplish as many of these goals as you need.

Export Saint Lucia provides support to buyers as well

As Saint Lucia’s national export agency, Export Saint Lucia provides information on local products and services, as well as Saint Lucian suppliers to overseas buyers. This is how we can help:

  • We provide access to information through our Trade Information Network
  • We give you direct access to our local suppliers
  • We will be facilitating sales through our Taste of Saint Lucia website*
  • We help complete your business transactions from start to end
These services are provided to foreign buyers at a national level.
* TOSL Ecommerce Website Coming Soon