TEPA Newsletter – February 2017


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SCE 2017! A Powerful Display of Caribbean Ingenuity

The very first trade event within the OECS to bring together a spectrum of businesses from the OECS and Martinique under one roof, Specialty Caribbean Expo is steadily being lauded as nothing short of visionary! For four days next week Saint Lucia will host 150 exhibitors from across the region as they display… Read More…[/column]

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Amerijet Set to Take Off With SCE 2017!

For the Caribbean entrepreneur vying to establish an international consumer-base, shipping and handling is one issue which cannot be ignored. With the region’s constraints small and medium sized businesses sometimes find it challenging to locate affordable shipping services with a wide and diverse destination reach. Recognizing this plight… Read More…[/column]

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Lights, Camera, Fashion!

The Daren Sammy Cricket Ground transitions into a high fashion runway on Friday March 10th with Specialty Caribbean Expo’s Fashion Showcase, ExpoZING Fashion! For one hour Caribbean Fashion will come alive as models take to the catwalk gabbed in creations of some… Read More…[/column]

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Two Riveting Music Concerts at CSE 2017

Music is undoubtedly a significant export sector throughout the world. Within the Caribbean region it can be seen that the success and ability of an island’s artists and music professionals to penetrate world markets can result… Read More…[/column]

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SCE: Empowering and Educating Exporters

“Entrepreneurs are national assets to be cultivated and motivated to the greatest possible extent;” Powerful words by authors Geetu George, Joseph Martin, Linto Mathew and Shankar Meembat from their book A Digital Story…Read More… [/column]

Download Specialty Caribbean EXPO 2017 App!

Get all the latest updates on Specialty Caribbean EXPO via the expoZING App available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. For Android devices, go to the Google Play Store and search for “Specialty Caribbean Expo.” Select the expoZING App the download! For iOS devices, go to the App Store and search for “Specialty Caribbean Expo.” Select the expoZING App and download. Be a part of this first ever Trade Show in the entire OECS, from March 9-12!

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Its Here! Specialty Caribbean EXPO 2017!

Specialty Caribbean Expo will run for four days from March 9-12, 2017, at the Darren Sammy Cricket Ground, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia. Through this show, patrons will appreciate the quality of the range of products and services being showcased by existing and potential exporters in both the domestic and international markets. Additionally, the event will serve as a platform for networking, solutions and transaction exchanges with OECS and Martinique business/exporters.























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ASK Anthony

  1. What are National Tariff Lines?

National Tariff lines (NTL) are the classification codes applied to merchandise goods by individual countries that are longer than the Harmonised System (HS) six digit level. The National Tariff Lines (NTL) can go from 8 digits to 12 digits and are used to classify goods where the Harmonized System classification stops.

  1. Why are National Tariff Lines important?

National Tariff Lines (NTL) are important because it enables you (the exporter) to determine what tariff rates will be applied on your product in the target market. It is up to each country to decide how to further classify their products after the six digit level. For this reason, National Tariff Line codes can vary from country to country.

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  • Market Intelligence provides businesses with an analytical insight view of a market using existing sources of information to understand target markets for products and/or services. It assists the exporter in determining the following:
    • what is happening in a market place,
    • what the main issues are
    • what the likely market potential is,
    • what are competitors future plans likely to be,
    • what prices might customers be willing to pay,
    • What’s the best means of entering a market

    Today’s dynamic markets require that intelligence be conducted on a continuous basis to keep abreast of market trends and new developments



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