Two Riveting Music Concerts at Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017

Music is undoubtedly a significant export sector throughout the world.

Within the Caribbean region it can be seen that the success and ability of an island’s artists and music professionals to penetrate world markets can result in boosted visibility and economic growth for the country. Indeed music’s potential reach is vast. I’s no wonder then that Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 will feature OECS music in a remarkable way.

Spearheaded by the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA), in collaboration with the Government of Saint Lucia and the OECS Commission, Specialty Caribbean Expo is the first trade exhibition to bring together a diverse range of product and service businesses from the OECS member states and Martinique. What adds even more to this visionary first time event is the fact that music practitioners within the OECS will be showcased live at two riveting performance concerts.

From 7pm on Friday March 10th, the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground will resonate with jazz and contemporary music as <insert number> Saint Lucian artists/bands take center stage. Friday’s Jazz & Contemporary Jazz Music Showcase will also serve as an audition for the acts to be considered as part of a contingent of musicians who will go on to perform at the Hull UK City of Culture’s Burton Agnes Jazz Festival in June.

Then, on Saturday March 11th, a cast of ten original music artists from the OECS will entertain and enthrall expo audiences. Organized by the OECS Commission, Saturday’s regional music concert builds on the OECS’ 2014 Regional Songwriters Camp held in Dominica, the Music Industry tour of Europe in 2016 and several other activities supported under the 10th EDF regional integration for Trade of the OECS since 2013. The performing cast for Saturday evening’s OECS music showcase comprise of alumnae from the 2014 OECS Songwriters Camp, along with other up-and-coming/emerging artistes from the region.

The weekend’s music-centric activities will also include the official launch of the compilation of songs produced from the 2014 Songwriters Camp.

With four International Music industry buyers slated to attend Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017, the live music concerts promise to be nothing short of spectacular, as our OECS artists showcase their very best.

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