Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017: A Powerful Display of Caribbean Ingenuity

The very first trade event within the OECS to bring together a spectrum of businesses from the OECS and Martinique under one roof, Specialty Caribbean Expo is steadily being lauded as nothing short of visionary!

For four days next week Saint Lucia will host 150 exhibitors from across the region as they display their company product/service offerings to 25 international buyers from 8 importing countries—UK, USA, Canada, Cuba, Jamaica, Martinique, Barbados and Guadeloupe—and the general public. Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 will also feature daily screenings of productions from 5 OECS film companies; a fashion showcase displaying live creations of 20 OECS Fashion Designers; and two riveting live music performances—a Jazz & Contemporary Jazz Showcase featuring 12 Saint Lucian artists/bands; and an OECS Original Music Concert with performances from 10 acts from across the region.

Minister for Commerce, Honourable Bradley Felix, addresses gathering during the launch of EXPO 2017

This riveting trade event will also include an exhibitor-focused training component with a total six workshops scheduled to run on Friday and Saturday.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 will prove an exemplary display of Caribbean ingenuity, innovation and creativity; one which will yield significant benefits for region’s entrepreneurs, enabling them to access new exciting export markets.

Envisioned by the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA), Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 seeks to directly connect the region’s exporters with international buyers interested in; acquiring new products which will resonate with their consumers; or in accessing new services to improve their firms’ efficiency and productivity. This regional trade show will enable visiting buyers to consolidate long purchasing processes into a matter of days, as they not only meet with but sample the products and services of island suppliers first hand.

Presented by TEPA, in collaboration with the Government of Saint Lucia and the OECS Commission, TEPA CEO Jacqueline Emmanuel-Flood says Saint Lucia is extremely proud to host the inaugural Specialty Caribbean Expo.

“Specialty Caribbean Expo is a milestone event for TEPA, Saint Lucia and the OECS region; not only because it is will serve as such a powerful platform connecting exporters from the OECS and Martinique with international buyers but also because it will foster greater regional collaboration,” says Mrs Emmanuel-Flood. “To be able to host 150 exhibitors from across the OECS member states and Martinique is the realization of the Caribbean ideal; showcasing our strength as a unified community.”

“TEPA is passionate about spearheading export development in exciting, innovative ways. We work assiduously to promote and expand local businesses in export markets around the world. We constantly aspire to increase local exports and assist Saint Lucian businesses improve profitability and establish long-term sustainability. Specialty Caribbean Expo gives us, along with the OECS Commission, the Government of Saint Lucia and Expo sponsors, the unique opportunity through one event to make a significant contribution which will ripple across the region, yielding positive export and economic growth.”

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