Amerijet set to take off with Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017

For the Caribbean entrepreneur vying to establish an international consumer-base, shipping and handling is one issue which cannot be ignored. With the region’s constraints small and medium sized businesses sometimes find it challenging to locate affordable shipping services with a wide and diverse destination reach.

Recognizing this plight faced by local St Lucian companies wishing to increase their product exports, Amerijet International, through their sole agent St Lucia Air Freighters was determined to make a difference. And they have offering affordable rates for movement of cargo between Saint Lucia and international gateways. The service that they offer is invaluable as without their type of service international trade would be non-existent. This is what prompted Amerijet and St Lucia Air Freighters to not only become associated with the Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA), but for Amerijet to become proud presenting Sponsors of Specialty Caribbean EXPO 2017.

A trade exhibition which takes place in Saint Lucia from March 9-12, Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 seeks to promote and foster export growth by providing the over 100 participating exhibitors from the OECS and Martinique with the opportunity to network directly with international buyers. Understanding the positive economic and social impacts which the expo can yield to the Caribbean, Ms Scott says Amerijet International through their partners and offices throughout is proud to Sponsor and be associated with Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017.

Established in 1987, St Lucia Air Freighters is a full cargo service provider and the island’s sole agent for Amerijet International. A multi-modal transportation and logistics provider Amerijet boasts a leading presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Amerijet’s standard air freight shipping service connects 627 destinations airport to airport worldwide.

The Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) is elated with Amerijet as the title sponsor of Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017.

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