Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017: The Ultimate Music Advancement Platform

For the music artist working assiduously to leave their mark regionally and internationally, performance showcases, networking opportunities and an understanding of the music business are necessary catalysts to achieving that goal. So from a music artist perspective, participation in last month’s Specialty Caribbean Expo was undoubtedly an amazing opportunity which allowed OECS and Martinique-based music professionals, access to some important music business platforms.

Held in Saint Lucia from March 9 to 12, 2017, Specialty Caribbean Expo featured music and fashion in a way that had never before been done in our region. On Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th the Daren Sammy Cricket Stadium—home of the 4-day trade event—came alive; transforming first into a fashion runway, then later into a riveting music stage.

Thanks to Specialty Caribbean Expo music artists from across the OECS and Martinique had the opportunity to showcase their craft, talent, and performance ability in real-time before international and regional music professionals and buyers who had flown into the island just to get a taste of the music talent available in the Caribbean region.

Yet beyond allowing musicians the opportunity to showcase live for international buyers, the trade event which was presented by the TEPA and the OECS Commission, included a speed networking aspect which allowed each musician the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the attending international and regional music buyers. This allowed for first hand critique of their set, stage presence, lyrics, vocals and most of all marketability.

A music business workshop was also held during the four-day trade exposition, providing OECS and Martinique musicians the ability to gain helpful insight and knowledge which would better position them for success in today’s music industry.

Considering it all, hands down, Specialty Caribbean Expo proved the ultimate advancement platform for OECS and Martinique musicians!

As a musician, EXPO gave me an opportunity that may not soon come around again. It is now up to me to make the best of it, to learn, to experience, to grow. I have grabbed this one with both hands and have no intention of letting go until my dream is realised.


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