Saint Lucia Products Featured in Caribbean Store in the UK

We are excited to share that a range of Saint Lucian products have been launched in a Caribbean store in the United Kingdom. The products are displayed, sampled, promoted and retailed at the outlet store in Newbury, Berkshire and can also be purchased online at http://www.thecaribbeanand

The in-store items include cocoa-sticks, natural flours, sauces, syrups, jams and jellies, spices & seasonings and rum cakes. Best sellers include, Viking Traders Banana Ketchup and dried Caribbean seasoning, and Frootsy Foods Pepper Jam. Naturales gluten free banana and plantain flour are also very popular owing to the continued demand for products in this category.

An International Brands (IB) representative said, “Generally, we are very happy with the product selection we have made from St Lucia, and we are keen to look at a potential wider range”. The Saint Lucian products have been a real hit and a number of amusing stories have been shared from consumers

“A lady came into the store and purchased a can of Viking Coconut Cream for baking. She took it home but after opening it, found it so delicious that she ate all of the contents!  She came back yesterday and bought four more cans!”

“Another lady bought a jar of Frootsy Pepper Jam for her daughter, but another family member tried it first and kept it for themselves! So she had to come back to buy another jar!”

“A gentleman bought a bottle of banana ketchup and took it to his local bar, where he put it on the counter and encouraged friends to try it. Three of them came to the shop to buy some and said they were changing from their regular tomato ketchup to Viking Banana Ketchup!”

TEPA is working with IB to add more products to the Saint Lucia range already included in the initiative.

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