It’s undeniable fact that the Caribbean’s reputation for creativity, innovation and quality continues to soar as entrepreneurs, manufacturers, producers and creators achieve international milestone, after milestone; displaying to the world the amazing treasures which lie in the islands.

From March 9-12, 2017, the very best of our island gems will be on display in one location, as the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground in Saint Lucia transforms into the ultimate buyers haven for Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017! Over 100 exhibitors from the OECS and Martinique will showcase the ingenuity of their products and services to hundreds of visitors, including buyers from renowned international conglomerates from all over the world. So if you’re an entrepreneur who hasn’t yet signed up or reserved your booth at Specialty Caribbean Expo, you might be out of luck now as over the last few weeks we’ve been inundated with requests from around the region.

With varying contingents from member states, Specialty Caribbean Expo will undoubtedly highlight the region’s diversity as a multitude of products and services will be presented—from IT and real estate, to chocolates and pepper sauce; to handmade bags and jewellery. As we excitedly await Specialty Caribbean Expo, here’s a sneak peak of our list of approved and confirmed exhibitors.

Grenada – Harvest Studio Design; Marketing and National Importing Board; White Cane Industries

Earthly Creations Gift Shop; Spice Isle Coffee

Martinique – Denis Devaed; Annick Dultheo; I. Vone; Dom Parking Services; Annick DULTHEO; Pro Langues Caraïbes; Martinique Medicare; Airzoon; Bleu Caraibes / Parfums des iles; Concepts 4 étoiles; Entreprises onier; Kameri Shop; Nabao; Reezom; Tita des Garrigues; Hair Cosmetics; Denis Devaed; Caraibe Cosmetique

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC); East Caribbean Metals Industries Ltd; Kendra’s Aluminium Products Ltd; VincyKlus Inc. (Group of 5 companies): Jazzy All Natural; Valkelly Investment; Immense Bag; Tubbs Arts & Craft; Aurora’s

St Kitts and Nevis – Williams Architectural; Sun Island; Caribbean Corporate Governance; Carib Brewery; Kajola Kristada Ltd; Domas Windows Ltd; Dale’s Fashion; Demara Distilleries; Brimstone Flavors; Herbal Teas Manufacturer; St. Kitts Tourism Authority

Saint Lucia – 123Digital Limited; Celestial Self Development Centre; Christy Creations; Court Yard Art Studio; Emagine Solutions; Frootsy Foods; Illuminating Designs; Iyanola Pictures; Kayribbean Handicraft Soaps; Kayz Kreation; Mermaid Creations Ltd; Onwatch Caribbean ;Rainforest Foods; Wavemaker Photography; 758 Books; Light Sparc Training; Brice & Company Ltd; Axcel Finance

Global Directions- Yellow Pages; Merchandising Plus; Dale’s Fashion; Paradise Books; Back to Roots; Touch Therapies Spa St. Lucia; Spa de la Mer; St Lucia Health & Beauty Spa; Escape Ste Lisi; Face to Face; Body Renovation; Stella Spa; Tranquil Escape; Micha Landers; Chad Flourius; Lydia Octave-George; S. David Hippolyte; Jenny Constatine; Raymond Volney; Anselm Mathurin; Edsel Theodore; Angad Singh; David Phillip; Joana Nelson; Welcome St.Rose; Silhouette; HRM Solutions; The Enchanted Kettle; The Resolvers; HR Wise; IESS St Lucia; Converge Solutions; Shoe Rehab; Caribbean Bookings Abby’s Exotic Blends; Baron Foods Ltd; Blue Waters St. Lucia Ltd; Caribbean Awning Production Co. Ltd; Caribbean Metals Ltd; CPJ St. Lucia Ltd; DuBoulay’s Bottling Company Ltd; Excelsign Ltd; Ferrands Food Products Ltd; Frances Rub; Illpirata Pastalo; Grew (1989) Ltd; Harris Paints St. Lucia Ltd; Hylyne Poultry Farm Ltd; Lubeco (1991) Ltd; Ms. St Rose Creole Delights; M & J Tropical Fresh Foods Ltd

Caribbean Blue Naturals by Natmed; Naturepure Water; Poyette’s Joinery Inc; Rainforest Foods; Ramco Plastics Ltd: Saint Lu Metal and Plastics Ltd; SMJ Beverages Ltd; St. Lucia Distillers Ltd; Tenderoni Ltd; Tolyn Manufacturers Ltd; Topstone Fabrication Ltd; Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd; Windward Island Packaging Co; Windward Island Gases Ltd; Saint Lucia Floral Society

OECS – Focus Limited / The Antigua Candle Factory; Carib Bean Coffee Company Ltd; Susie’s Hot Sauce;

Summer Ltd; Grenada Association of Beekeepers; Genesis Added Value Nutmeg Co-operative Society Limited; Toulon Agencies; Caribbean Agro Producers Corp; Arise & Shine Essence

Sugar Town Wish List; Fudgies; Cacoa Sainte Lucie; Vincy Fresh; Erica’s Country Style Limited; Pasta Enterprises LTD; CathRon Products; You; Donila Reid Designs; Ajeante; Bellanoir Fashion; Veronica’s Visions Design Studio; Kiwie Dan Couture; même bête; LBM Designs; Tami B Designs; Kimya Glasgow Designs; Trefle Clothing; Hama Films; Bouzai Productions; Lee Productions; Zahra Airall; Marsha Augustine; Asha Thomas; Martino Mark; Chevaughn Richards; Tyan Wynter; Hance John; Kamara Akido Foster; Laura Richardson; Claudia Edwards; Keen Cotter; Ticket Ting; Explore Caribbean; Mirage Technology; e-Caribbean; FARMS

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