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Ron Henry was born on July 28, 1992, to a family of five in the quaint and picturesque community of Choiseul, informally referred to as the art capital of Saint Lucia.

Although he is no stranger to local and regional art exhibitions, his first international exhibition was achieved at the Burton Hall Gallery as part of this year’s Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival.  This festival afforded Ron’s work to be featured in an artists’ exhibition gallery visited by over 55, 000 people per year.  His art pieces were displayed alongside Mr. Luigi St. Omer’s work as well as that of other great artists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir from July – September, 2017. This also presented Ron with a fantastic opportunity to sell the showcased pieces.

Within the first few days of the Festival Ron Henry’s art had already began to generate sales.  By the end of the exhibition he was able to sell two original paintings and five giclée prints.

Ron continuously aspires to improve himself both as an artist and as a businessman.  His quest to explore new techniques allows him to be on the vanguard of new developments in the art industry.

This month the artist took on the Service Go Global training program held by the Saint Lucia Coalition of Service Industries.

Ron’s work is currently available at the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay Resort & Spa, Island Mix and the Choiseul Arts & Craft Centre.  We however have no doubt that the determination and passion of this artist will see his work breakthrough to new markets and exhibition spaces worldwide.

Here are some images from Ron Henry’s Portfolio

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