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THE AGENCY: Trade Export Promotions Agency (TEPA)

The Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) is a statutory corporation established under the Trade Export Promotion Agency Act No. 16 of 2103, and operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and consumer Affairs in Saint Lucia.

As the lead agency mandated to spearhead the island’s National Export Development effort, its overall objective is to increase aggregate volume and value of goods and services exports from Saint Lucia.

TEPA’s programmes are designed to increase exposure of Saint Lucia’s products and services in the global market and to promote the national image or brand by providing information, counsel and marketing services to exporters looking to expand into external markets.

TEPA undertakes activities aimed at improving relationships between buyers and sellers, and enhancing the competitive advantage of Saint Lucian exporters.


The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the overall management of the Agency and will report directly to the Chairman of the National Export Council (NEC). The Chief Executive Officer’s performance will be measured on a yearly basis, against the agreed objectives and performance measurements agreed by the NEC .

Personal Qualities

The Chief Executive Officer will be a performance driven professional with a profound understanding of the Saint Lucian economic, trade and political environment, and a good knowledge of the foreign and global trade and related markets. The CEO will be a strong and effective leader, with personal integrity, capable of inducing the commitment and co-ordination of all employees, and the mobilisation of resources to fulfil the strategy.


A Bachelors or Masters Degree in Economics, Business, Marketing, International Trade or a related field is required. A recognised and accepted additional international qualification in Marketing, Trade Policy and/or Exports would be a distinct advantage.


At least 10 years’ work experience is required at the managerial level in International Marketing, Export Promotion, or a related field. Alternatively, a minimum of 5 years relevant experience with similar international organisations would be acceptable.


Knowledge and understanding of the Saint Lucian economic, political, trade and investment climate is considered necessary for this job.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Above average presentation skills
  • Ability to promote services and products effectively
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong leadership
  • Integrity
  • Management and organisational skills and abilities are critical.


Position Summary

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for positioning and managing the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA). The CEO will be charged with managing the marketing and promotion of Saint Lucia as an attractive and viable source of products for the export market, and of services by means of the several modes in GATS. The CEO’s prime responsibility is to return value to the Stakeholders and Saint Lucia. The CEO will lead the management team in the pursuit of the organization’s overall vision, and the execution of its operational strategy. The CEO will direct the human resources team, manage key relationships, enable operational excellence and report to the Supervisory Board/Directors.

Primary Duties and Accountabilities

1 Corporate Strategy

With the National export Council and management team:

  • Identifies /sets long-term strategic direction, goals and objectives.
  • Defines and develops the Agency’s plans and budgets designed to achieve specific export generation targets, develops the annual action plan and presents for National Export Council approval.
  • Cascades, and agrees clear strategic medium to short term goals and objectives.

2 Business Strategy

  • Reviews and develops the organisational infrastructure.
  • Identifies and monitors the organisational values and culture.
  • Establishes clearly defined expectations, business targets and growth strategies for the Agency.
  • Identifies strategic resource requirements, methodologies and procedures (Human Resources, Technical, Equipment and Logistics).
  • Practices and maintains good governance within the Agency.
  • Ensures the development and implementation of technological capabilities and infrastructure.
  • Oversees the development and deployment of the Agency’s operations strategies.
  • Monitors the organizations performance against set targets and report regularly to the National Export Council

3 Operational Strategy

  • Formulates and executes programmes and actions for export marketing and promotion in both foreign and domestic (OECS) markets:
  • Ensures that the Agency achieves the required funding to meet, and sustain its strategic goals and targets.
  • Builds, manages and maintains interaction and relationships, with all key stakeholders within foreign and domestic markets.

4 Reward Policy and Procedures

  • Analyses the nature and types of reward systems required for the Agency (e.g. Job Evaluation, Reward Management, Performance Management)
  • Recommends reward and remuneration policy and levels based on the research.
  • Recommends performance measurement methods and indicators by which to assess remuneration and reward.

5 Operational Responsibilities

5.1 Direction of Export and Trade Promotion

  • Assists with the identification of, and prioritisation of target sectors and industries
  • Ensures increased contribution of traditional and non-traditional products for export.
  • Ensures the promotion, marketing and facilitation of Saint Lucia’s exports

5.2 Direction of the Unit’s Support Services

  • Directs, and ensures that the identified Support Services are operating efficiently and effectively.

5.3 Financial Management and Control

  • Monitors economic and financial environment of Saint Lucia, and the impact of the same in the wider Caribbean region and beyond.
  • Receives departmental budgets, reviews consolidated budget with Finance Representative, submits to the Board.
  • Reviews, monitors and addresses variances with Line Managers.
  • Alerts the Board regarding serious budget variances and implications.
  • Prepare funding proposals and sources funding to meet the Agency’s needs
  • Ensures compliance with the provisions of the Trade Export promotion Agency Act Number 16 of 2013

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