Three Firms, Two New Markets!

Container-Cargo_ShipSaint Lucia’s goods will this year grace the supermarket shelves of two new markets within the Caribbean Region. In December of 2015, Grenada welcomed to its shelves products from Saint Lucia’s very own Tolyn Manufacturers Ltd and Sunfresh Ltd.

The Trade Export Promotion Agency led a series of OECS missions last year where a number of local manufacturers were introduced to potential buyers in selected markets. These missions followed a new targeted approach by the Agency to match product to market thereby increasing the likelihood of leads and subsequent exports.

Sales and Marketing Officer at Sunfresh,Theresa Jn Baptiste, says that “We at Sunfresh Ltd are pleased to inform you that we are now exporting to Grenada and we would like to thank TEPA for all the assistance given in making that a reality.  Our first 40 ft container left the week of Christmas.” TEPA’s CEO Jacqueline Emmanuel Flood added that “It is always pleasurable to witness the actual fruits of your labour. Our new strategy of targeted trade missions is paying dividends and the beneficiaries are the Exporting firms and the Saint Lucian economy”.

This comes on the heels of the successful entry of Baron Foods into the much coveted Cuban market.



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