Video Newsletter – October/November 2018


Export Saint Lucia Helping Clients with Record Keeping

In September 2018, Export Saint Lucia (TEPA) hosted a record keeping workshop for thirteen (13) of its clients. The purpose of the exercise was to emphasize and show clients the importance of record keeping, and the benefits associated with this in terms of business operations. The aim was to have the participants do basic record keeping which they could then pass on to an accountant or accounting firm to prepare their financials. Nearly one month after this training officials from Export Saint Lucia (TEPA) paid a visit to a few of the participants to ensure that what had been taught at the workshop was being into practice.

Caribbean Awning Turns 20!

On Friday 26th October the company reached a tremendous milestone by celebrating its 20th Anniversary. The company specializes in the manufacturing of Awnings, Interior Window Treatments and Hurricane Shutters, all backed by US and European standards and building codes. Managing Director Paula Calderon outlined the activities associated with the celebration of the company’s 20th Anniversary.

Action Plan For The Export of Produce

Coming out of the collaboration between Export Saint Lucia (TEPA) and the Department of Agriculture further strides have been taken to increase the overall volume of produce coming from the island’s shores. One of the major implementations of this agreement is the formation of the Agriculture Export Core Committee. Export Saint Lucia (TEPA) and the Department of Agriculture working in collaboration with the various extension officers on island are mobilizing farmers and briefing them on the drive to increase the value and volume of produce being exported.

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Furniture Manufacturers to Dominica

Opportunities for Saint Lucian manufacturers continue to come to the fore as Dominica moves towards stability following the passing of hurricane Maria in 2017.Export Saint Lucia (TEPA) has as its mandate to increase exports of goods and services to external markets with a specific focus on trade in the region. To achieve this, the Agency has organized a market visit for four (4) of our furniture manufacturing clients as well as one mattress manufacturer to Dominica from November 07-09, 2018.

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