TEPA Video Newsletter – July/August 2018

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Algas Mission to St. Vincent

“Necessity is the mother of invention!” In this case, this invention was needed to solve a problem. Let me re-introduce Johanan Dujon of Algas Organics, creator, inventor, manufacturer and distributor of Algas Total Plant Tonic (I hope he forgives me if I get the name wrong). Come with us as we visit his plant in Dennery and also accompany him to St. Vincent in a bid to have his plant tonic adopted by their Ministry of Agriculture in their drive towards organic agriculture.

En route to the USA

Export Saint Lucia hosted a workshop on “Exporting to the United States” on July 12. This workshop, specific to the Food and Beverage sector, featured industry professionals giving advice from their wealth of knowledge. The workshop informed participants on trends in the US grocery industry, market entry requirements, packaging and labelling dos and don’ts.

Participants got the opportunity to have prearranged Business to Business meetings with a major buyer and food consultant, and also had their products assessed and received design and market suitability guidance.

Export Saint Lucia and SLDB Tackle Access to Finance

SLDB and Export Saint Lucia have joined forces via the signing of an MOU to alleviate one of the major challenges of SMEs; “Access to Finance.” The MOU allows for greater cooperation between the agencies, sharing of information, and building the capacity of clients with regards to finance and record keeping.

Taste of Saint Lucia UK Networking and Buyer Event

Export Saint Lucia and the International Trade Centre collaborated to host a networking event, which introduced Saint Lucian manufacturers under the pilot of the “Taste of Saint Lucia” brand to prospective UK buyers and general public.



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