TEPA Video Newsletter – April 2018

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Cassava Initiative

With the world’s thrust towards healthier eating many foods of our fore-parents are again taking centre-stage. Cassava and many of its gluten free products are growing in popularity and demand. TEPA is working alongside the Ministry of Agriculture on an FAO project to increase cultivation and export of cassava and cassava products.

Natmed jubilant about Expocomer

Natmed, a Saint Lucian company specialising in Health and Beauty products attended a mainstream Panama trade show “Expocomer” with TEPA to showcase his products and seek opportunities for partnership and export.

Saint Lucia Distillers’ success with “The Taste”

Saint Lucia Distillers has proudly carried the Taste of Saint Lucia brand since it launched earlier this year and speaks about the experience thus far and the added attention the trade-marked products enjoy.

What a show!

A cast of artisans visited and participated in the renowned Martisan Art Show in our neighbouring French sister isle Martinique in March. On offer from Saint Lucia was handmade bags, jewellery, wire-craft among others. Reviews from patrons on the Saint Lucia products were quite good and many of the artisans were able to sell quite a bit of their wares.



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