TEPA Small Grants Project Fund

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Small-grantsFor the most part the criteria for consideration of small grants awards should be similar to that for the Enterprise Development Programme [EDP], the difference being the scale of contribution that will be provided by the TEPA. Some of the key considerations for inclusion of firms within the EDP include:

Demand: initiative must be in pursuit of a clear opportunity for the product/service in the market including providing tangible evidence of a potential sale, preferably export

Innovation: Must demonstrate a competitive level of product innovation

Brand Strength: Must have a compelling position on which to build the product or service brand

Export Expansion Effort: Product/Service must/ be able to develop the potential to benefit and take advantage of the various economic arrangements to which Saint Lucia is a party- EPA, CSME, OECS Economic Union, Cariforum

Speed to Market: Be able to demonstrate market readiness for entry in less than 6-months

Management: Must be able to demonstrate industry knowledge and management experience to lead.

Counterpart contribution – as specified and agreed

Opportunity for Clustering, linkages – with other sectors and sub-sectors in the economy

Consistency with the stated export and other development priorities: creative industries, health and wellness, agro-processing, food security, ICT development, etc

Consistency/complementarity with TEPA mandate and Work Programme– any planned must be congruent with the objectives and overall mandate of the TEPA and its ongoing work programme, etc.

Sustainability of any assistance that is provided- the ability to leverage TEPA assistance for future growth and development

Measurable Results– The results of activities/interventions must be measurable


Implementation Arrangements– Where appropriate an Implementation plan has to be prepared outlining the Methodology of implementation of any assistance whether works, services, supplies, and this must be accompanied by indicative timeframe

Indicative Budget for each beneficiary and mode of proposed assistance- services, supplies- must be identified

Key classifications- Existing, Emerging, New Exporters

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