Seller Services

TEPA provides support to firms in the following categories:

  1. Exporters – firms/sectors that are already exporting
  2. Export ready – firms/sectors that have the capacity to begin exporting
  3. Potential exporters – firms/sectors that should develop export capability


At the international level TEPA works with firms that are looking to accomplish one or more of the following goals:

  • Promote goods and services in overseas markets
  • Participate in Trade Shows and overseas missions
  • Corporate Branding
  • Improved packaging and labelling
  • Expand markets – Generate direct sales
  • Facilitate e-commerce and website sales promotion through our national export portal
  • Develop new distribution channels
  • Develop joint venture partnerships or licensing opportunities
  • Source raw materials and inputs (to help lower manufacturing costs)
  • Gain market and competitive intelligence
  • Protect intellectual property in new markets
  • Undertake promotional actives for authentic Saint Lucian products and services within the domestic (OECS) market
  • Coordinate with other agencies to provide business support to exporters in the following areas:
  • Production expansion/improvements
  • Quality management improvement and standardization
  • Source Export financing
  • Export Facilitation
  • Export Analysis and information dissemination
  • Capacity building


At the national level, Saint Lucia TEPA also provides the following services:

To Buyers:

Serving as the island’s Export Agency, TEPA provides information on local products and Saint Lucian suppliers to overseas buyers. The following specific services are offered:

  • Access to information through an integrated Trade Information Network
  • Connection with our local suppliers
  • Sales facilitation through our Exportall website
  • Help to complete business transactions from start to finish