Specialty Caribbean Expo: Supporting the Lifeblood of the Caribbean Economy

expo-2017-amerijet-check-presentationEntrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy. Whether big or small; goods manufacturers or service providers; Caribbean entrepreneurs play a vital role economically and socially—creating jobs and wealth, sustaining development and spurring new innovations. Yet the restrictions of our Caribbean marketplace—limited size, population and resource-base—place a strain on the growth and continued success of our local entrepreneurs, a strain which ripples throughout the wider Caribbean Community.

Exporting goods and services then becomes an important means of increasing our entrepreneurs’ market-base; sales & profit potential. Understandably as our entrepreneurs thrive and realize greater export success; the entire local society benefits.

This is one of the reasons we at the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) are so passionate about what we do. Our mission centres on promoting, expanding and increasing local exports, to assist local businesses improve profitability and long term sustainability, thus making a direct and valuable contribution to our local economy.

So it is with gusto and enthusiasm that TEPA, in association with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission, look to host “Specialty Caribbean Expo”.

Under the theme, “A Unique Buying Experience,” Specialty Caribbean Expo promises to be the ideal one-stop-shop location for buyers from around the globe, as well as for consumers in our own local markets, to discover new product and service gems all from within our region! This exposition will surely unlock a whole new world of export possibilities for our local exhibitors.

Yet an incontestable reality is that, in order to provide our local entrepreneurs, with this essential opportunity to increase their visibility to global buyers; as a nation, as a region, as a people, and as a society we must all rally together in support and sponsorship of this venture. We are therefore honoured to partner with corporate entities throughout the OECS region to ensure that Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 is a resounding success; one which will generate a ripple of positivity in every sphere of our regional economy.

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss sponsorship opportunities with you. For further information, if you are interested in being aligned with Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 in a sponsorship capacity please visit www.specialtycaribbeanexpo.com/sponsorship. Contact: E-mail: info@tepa.org.lc. Telephone: 1-758-468-2145/2286.


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