Speciality Caribbean Expo: Exhibiting Caribbean Ingenuity

sce-newsletter-bannerCreativity, innovation and inventiveness are deeply rooted in our Caribbean culture and lifestyle. A unique, undeniable resourcefulness resonates at our core; evident for centuries; passed on from generation to generation. With each turn transcending to a new Caribbean ideal.

In older days our great-grandmothers extracted the oils from dried coconuts and castor seeds to nourish our hair, skin and bodies. Kids feasted on confectionaries made from local fruits. Our grand-dads used expert precision to craft furniture from the bounty of bamboo and mahogany trees. Baskets were weaved from straw.

Today our locally produced oils, foods, seasonings, condiments, confectionaries and soap, sit proudly on the shelves of international stores, lauded for their amazing taste, scent, and organic and natural composition. Remarkably carved local furniture pieces form part of the catalogue offering of multinational corporations. Caribbean fashion designers wow audiences the world-over. More and more our music gains a place in the global market, “Allez Allez Allez Allez”!

Indeed, the region’s reputation for creativity, innovation and quality continues to grow rapidly as Caribbean entrepreneurs, manufacturers, producers and creators achieve milestone after milestone; displaying to the world the amazing treasures that lie in the islands.

For four days early next year an array of these Caribbean gems will be on display in one central location.

Specialty Caribbean Expo is the ideal avenue for you to discover more locally produced items, and support your region’s entrepreneurs, firms, and manufacturers. Come out on the expo’s open days from March 10-12 to appreciate the quality of the range of products and services originating from your territory. Be proud ambassadors for Caribbean ingenuity, helping our entrepreneurs, artisans and artistes unlock new tiers of success.


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