Saint Lucian Sea Moss is Headed to Dubai

Dubai-based customers now have the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of Saint Lucian sun-dried sea moss, as another order is headed to that middle eastern country. Thanks to contacts made with distributors during Expo 2020 Dubai, Export Saint Lucia has been able to create new opportunities for local producers to enter new markets. 

Sea moss regularly flew off the shelves of Saint Lucia’s retail section in our pavilion during Expo 2020 Dubai. Individual customers and distributors alike would often return to the pavilion desirous of purchasing more of the product. Upon completion of this world exposition, Export Saint Lucia began working assiduously to ensure that more Saint Lucian sea moss could enter the Dubai market.

Now in November, only eight (8) months since Expo ended, another order is being shipped to Dubai. According to Export Saint Lucia’s Chief Executive Officer, Sunita Daniel “You normally see the result of Expos a few years after the exposition has ended. In fact, in our previous experience, we see results about two years after Expos have ended. However, this time around things have been different, and we have already seen some pretty good results coming from Expo 2020 Dubai. Export Saint Lucia is thrilled that the quality of our locally produced sea moss is generating interest from purchasers in Dubai”.

This most recent shipment contains three colours including the popular gold variety, purple and blue sea moss. This entire shipment was fulfilled by producers from Micoud. The east coast village has developed a vibrant sector over the past few years, resulting in the creation of employment, and the growth of their local economy. 

This superfood is the basis of the livelihoods of hundreds of Saint Lucians along the east coast. It is for this reason that this shipment to Dubai is so encouraging. Traditionally, most sea moss exports are destined for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. This export signals the existence of new, sustainable markets in other parts of the world. As the benefits of this product are now recognized the world over, Export Saint Lucia is determined to identify as many opportunities as possible for local producers. 

As Saint Lucian sun-dried sea moss continues to be enjoyed by consumers all over the world, Export Saint Lucia will also work with producers of value-added products to ensure that the same opportunities are available to them. Saint Lucia is brimming with export potential and Export Saint Lucia is always more than ready to support.