RePLAST – ToRs for Consultancy Services

Invitation for Expressions of Interest (EoI) is being solicited for the development of a program of Public Awareness for the RePLAST – OECS project aimed at sensitizing communities in Saint Lucia on the negative impact of the improper disposal of waste; especially plastics, and the benefits to be derived from the recycling of PET plastic bottles.


1.1. Introduction and context

The RePLAST-OECS project is a two-year initiative (2019 – 2021) targeted at creating a sustainable economic model for the management and recycling of plastic waste in the Caribbean, particularly between the member States of the OECS (Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean) and the French departments of the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia, like most OECS countries has instituted programs and policies for the reduction and ultimate elimination of plastics from their waste streams. With specific reference to plastic bottles, consultation is ongoing with the private sector on the draft Management of Plastic Containers Bill, expected to be tabled in the national parliament soon, with the intention of limiting and controlling the use and disposal of plastic bottles.

This national policy is supported by the private sector e.g., Massy Stores which has demonstrated their commitment to, and support for initiatives for reducing the use of plastic, especially single-use disposable plastic bags. They also actively support community-led initiatives pertaining to the collection of recyclable materials by contributing to their incentive scheme.

Despite the political will to find concrete solutions to address these environmental issues, waste is still not being systematically sorted and recycled in Saint Lucia or any other OECS territory. Meanwhile, a mere 33 kilometres away in neighboring Martinique, a plastic recycling plant, SIDREP funded by the European Union operates below capacity despite a steady but insufficient inflow of used plastic bottles from the French Caribbean territories of French Guyana and Guadeloupe. This RePLAST project thus offers the prospect of a win-win regional cooperation project between Saint Lucia and Martinique.

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