Questions and Answers – Electrical and Lighting Installation Services


  1. Site Plan was not available online- TEPA to post online and also to send to the three bidders above

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  1. Are Booths Open roof or covered- booths are uncovered


  1. Will Booths require individual accent lights- the proposals should specify the recommended minimum power requirements for each booth. Customized lighting for individual products and booths would be subject to the requirements/preferences of individual Exhibitors


  1. EXPO SHOP AND LIVE FOOD STATION- Need to know the exact location of the EXPO shop and Live food station as well as the power supply specs, and the expected locations of the power supply points in each of these – Bidders are requested to recommend/propose minimum acceptable power supply specifications based on the intended purpose and use of these facilities


  1. All Electrical supply installations must be in accord with the requirements with BS7671, and the St Lucia Electricity Act Chap 902


  1. Arrange for access to DSCG by power supply bidders including access to main and sub-distribution in order to be able to take measurements and other vital information for bid preparation- Arrangements have been made with Ms Madeleine Couchman at Sports Saint Lucia Inc {tel 724-6684, Email:} . The facility can be accessed Monday to Friday between 9-4 pm


  1. Stage Power Supply – sound/audio systems for concert & fashion show: a separate generator may be required –(i) For a 110 VA system: Generator 60-100 KVA capacity (ii) For a 220 VA system: Generator 30-50 KVA


  1. St Lucia Manufacturers Association {SMA} Booth-

SMA members intend to construct a house (single floor) measuring 20’ x40’ in which participating members will exhibit their products/services. The minimum indicative, power supply requirements would be Six 4’ fluorescents lights, and an adequate number of power outlets to cover the area indicated


  1. Lighting tubes for existing light fixtures at DSGC: Sports St Lucia Inc should ensure that all lights are in proper working order at the time of handover of the facility


  1. Need to send to the Bidders the configuration of a typical booth- please refer to RFP