Questions and Answers – Security Services


  1. Inquiry into the availability of Mass crowd Event Plan (emergency, fire, police, traffic management, medical etc) – TEPA is actively engaged in discussion with NEMO on this at the current time to ensure availability of an approved plan in a timely manner.


  1. Inquiry into the availability of a venue wide alarm system. –Yes there is an alarm system for the DSCG and a designated service provider performs a monitoring function for Sports St Lucia Inc the operators of the DSCG


  1. Inquiry about the availability of Insurance –Yes, public liability insurance is being sought for the event


  1. Inquiry into the need for cash transfer services – Yes considering there will be cash transactions taking place during the event


  1. Inquiry into the possibility of coming on board as a Sponsor- TEPA is open to discussions on any reasonable and Feasible sponsorship options


  1. Inquiry about the requirement for a night watch – Response was in the affirmative.


  1. Further clarifications can be obtained from TEPA by the stipulated date