PRONET Testimonial

Over the past seven months TEPA, in collaboration with Caribbean Export Development Agency has offered to owners and managers of SMEs a series of capacity building workshops under the ProNET brand. These workshops addressed business processes and best practices through experiential learning, which defines the process of learning through real world examples and experiences using case studies and submissions of participants.

Cynthia-2The course covered areas such as Business Strategy, Export Marketing, Product Development, Cost and Financial Management and Information and Knowledge management. So far participants have been very enthusiastic, eager to learn and share. Participants welcomed the shift away from the traditional workshop/seminar tuition format to the experiential format described above. ProNET attendees have also been vocal about the changes and Impact ProNET has had on their businesses.

One such participant is Ms. Cynthia Soni of Stony Hill who has said, “As a result of the courses and the interaction that is taking place, I have been able to go back to my business, Stony Hill Saint Lucia, fine-tune some of my processes and I am able to see some definite benefit in the way I now operate, so I can say I have improved my efficiency as a result of the knowledge gained from the courses”

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