Projects and Programmes


Trade Information

TEPA has developed a comprehensive, user friendly, up-to-date, high utility and effective Trade Information Network/system to serve as a repository for the processing and utilization of relevant export and trade related information. In so doing we have become the resource for local exporters and foreign importers on everything they may need to know about products and services available in Saint Lucia. Exporters can be advised on markets and their requirements while buyers can see the best available for purchase in Saint Lucia. This trade information system consists of various tools and information products scattered throughout this website and available at our officers and through our knowledgeable staff.


Export Facilitation

TEPA is also charged with improving the legislative, regulatory, administrative, fiscal, and business framework to ensure a greater level of responsiveness to, and an increased facilitation of export development endeavours. In short, we are responsible for guiding Saint Lucia exporters with best practices, advising the government and exporters on trends and changes in world trade and ensuring that the exporters and export volumes increase. We pursue excellence in service delivery to exporters; avoidance of delays, surmount the trade barriers negatively impacting exports, and in general to overcome the often cumbersome, time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable administrative processes that impede trade and export development


Trade Promotion/Export Marketing

  • Employing innovative approaches to explore and exploit new and existing export markets
  • To project and promote Saint Lucia as a reliable supplier/exporter of excellent products and services


 Business/Export Development Support

  • Provision of enterprise development assistance (Technical assistance and otherwise) to support export development
  • To contribute to the national export development effort by supporting export- ready firms and others with the potential for development in high value, strategic export sectors