Meet the Newest Member of the TEPA Family


Ms. Portia Williams-Thompson

You may have seen her plying the highways and byways of our island in search of the next big export. She may have stopped by and examined your product or asked questions about your service. We hope that you were welcoming and co-operative with Portia. She is the newest addition to the TEPA team.

Portia Williams-Thompson has been assigned to fill a void that was noticed by TEPA management, to seek the new, unique and previously undiscovered artisans, manufacturers and service providers in Saint Lucia. We are well aware that there may be a number of fine products and services in the domestic market that we may have never seen, tasted or experienced. These may very well be of export quality, or not quite there yet, requiring a little work or just the right push to get it out there. Through Portia we are active, on the ground in the communities around the island seeking these products and services.

TEPA’s mandate in a nutshell is to increase the aggregate volume and value of St Lucia’s exports thereby increasing its overall contribution to GDP. If you have THAT product or service, give us a call at 468-2286.

Let TEPA help you!