Export Saint Lucia Video Newsletter – July 2019

Antillia Brewery and Export Saint Lucia Working Together!

Managing Director of Antillia Brewery, Winsbert Louison, shares how the company has benefitted from its relationship with Export Saint Lucia and some of the positive outcomes from working together!

Saint Lucian Music Icon, Boo Hinkson Talks With Export Saint Lucia

Musician, composer, producer and  songwriter, Boo Hinkson, is synonymous with Saint Lucian music! He has repeatedly received international acclaim for his music and recently, was trending at number 27 on the Top 100 Smooth Jazz Album Chart. Boo remains prominent in local music circles, ever willing to share and contribute towards the development of music in Saint Lucia.Listen to Boo’s experience with Export Saint Lucia!

Canelle Farms Exports to Barbados

Managing Director of Canelle Farms, Nicholas Faisal, is one of the foremost exporters of agricultural produce in Saint Lucia. Recently, Canelle Farms received an order for bananas to Barbados, which was initiated by Export Saint Lucia during the Barbados Manufacturers Exhibition, BMEX. Faisal speaks with Export Saint Lucia as he prepares for shipping the produce to Barbados!


More Sea Moss Exported to the United States

Sea moss exports from Saint Lucia to the United States continue to grow! Following Export Saint Lucia’s US market visit in 2018, the agency secured a buyer for Saint Lucian sea moss, and the demand continues to increase. Greta Joseph from the Praslin Seamoss Growers Association speaks to Export Saint Lucia as the farmers prepare another shipment destined for the United States!

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