Export Saint Lucia Assists Young Female Exporter with Entry into UK Market

Nila Mangal, Managing Director, Mangal Trading

There continues to be significant strides in the export of agricultural products from Saint Lucia. Recently Mangal Trading spearheaded by young entrepreneur Nila Mangal successfully shipped a consignment of bananas, plantains, and cucumbers to a buyer in the United Kingdom.

According to Mangal the journey towards this recent export of produce has been a difficult one, having faced many challenges in years past. However, with a recent spate of success along with the guidance from Export Saint Lucia she looks forward, with bated breath, to the possibilities of growth for her business and herself as a budding entrepreneur.

Mangal insisted that, “for a young person to survive in this business you must be patient”. She went on to say, “The buyer from all accounts was extremely satisfied with the initial shipment”.

The buyer has expressed interest in another shipment from Mangal Trading, requesting a wider variety of produce from the young exporter.

According to Export Saint Lucia’s CEO, Sunita Daniel, “This initial export speaks volumes in terms of diversifying agricultural exports from Saint Lucia”.

Sunita Daniel, CEO, Export Saint Lucia

Miss Daniel added “Export Saint Lucia has been focusing on increasing the volume of exports from Saint Lucia. We are excited about this shipment to the UK for many reasons, including the fact that this is the first export experience in this market for this young lady. She followed our advice very closely and worked very diligently to get this order out. Export Saint Lucia is keen on expanding traditional exports while looking for markets for our non-traditional exports. Continued ventures like this one could transform first-time exporters to regular exporters, which could lead to financial stability, security and even job creation”.

Daniel concluded by saying that she looks forward to the continued success of Mangal Trading as well as the continued collaboration between the island’s exporters and Export Saint Lucia.

Export Saint Lucia remains committed to the introduction of Saint Lucian products and services to existing and new markets.