Export Handbook Sale!

The Export Handbook “A practical step by step guide to exporting” gives a detailed account of the processes involved in moving an export-ready product from Saint Lucia to its final export destination. It has been designed to simplify the export process so that any user can understand. The Export handbook eliminates the research exporters would have to do to simplify and facilitate the export process.

An important element of TEPA’s functions is to assist Exporters with the export process. This assistance may be in the form of trade information (i.e. the necessary information required to make informed decisions) and/or export facilitation (i.e. assisting firms to overcome export barriers and to ensure excellence in delivery of trade facilitation services).

We provide exporters and organisations involved in the export process with the information and tools necessary to improve their export capability and to ensure their long term sustainability. The creation of an “Export Handbook” will inform, direct and guide beginners, experienced exporters and organisations concerned with exporting on the general guidelines, procedures, requirements and documentation involved in the exporting process.