ESL Celebrates Success: Tailored Packaging Signals New Era for Local Businesses 


CASTRIES, Saint Lucia  

8th February 2024 

Immediate Release 

ESL Celebrates Success: Tailored Packaging Signals New Era for Local Businesses 

Castries, February 8, 2024– On Wednesday 7th February 2024, Export Saint Lucia (ESL) officially  handed over brand-new packaging and labeling to its clients, tailored to their preferences and  designed to meet international export standards. The ceremony marked the culmination of the  Packaging for Exports Project, a collaborative initiative with the International Trade Centre (ITC) that brought innovative solutions to 21 local businesses.  

“Our foremost goal with the Packaging for Exports Project was to elevate the visual allure of Saint  Lucian products, resonating both domestically and globally. The recently unveiled packaging and  labeling embody the authentic excellence of our local offerings, unlocking pathways for new and  exciting trade opportunities,” expressed Sunita Daniel, CEO of Export Saint Lucia. 

The International Trade Centre played a pivotal role in bringing the visions of the local business  owners to fruition, contributing significantly to the conceptualization, design, and procurement  processes. 

As a government, we have recognized the importance of establishing a robust brand presence,  leading to the creation of Brand Saint Lucia. This initiative consolidates the efforts, marketing  strategies, and visionary outlook of our key agencies. Similarly, it is imperative that we foster and  promote among our SMEs the importance of cultivating strong, dynamic brands.” remarked the  Honorable Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Co operatives and Consumer Affairs.  

The respective business owners, representing diverse sectors of the local business community, radiated joy and satisfaction as they witnessed the unveiling of their newly designed packaging. 

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Saint Lucian Government for their steadfast commitment  to advancing micro, small, and medium enterprises, exemplified by initiatives like the one  commemorated today. With these innovative packaging solutions, I am confident that we will stand  shoulder-to-shoulder with manufacturers worldwide, competing on equal terms.” said Janitha  Regobert, Owner of Rego’s Naturals

Export Saint Lucia extends its gratitude to the International Trade Centre, the Government of Saint  Lucia, the Caribbean Development Bank and all stakeholders who played a crucial role in making  this project a success. The Packaging for Exports Project is a step towards a brighter future for  Saint Lucia’s MSMEs, creating opportunities for economic growth, innovation, and sustainable  development. 

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