The CIIF Carnival Project aims to improve the branding of Carnival in Saint Lucia, Dominica and Grenada with the overall aim of increasing the economic opportunities for these three (3) OECS members. The project also intends to develop policies around Carnival that will enable the sustainable development of the event, and maximizing the return on investment. 


What are the best practices for developing a tripartite Carnival Branding and Commercialisation Project? How did we bring together a range of voices, goals and approaches to achieve the best possible roadmaps and products? Join us to learn about the project outcomes including the “CDB CIIF Intellectual Property Toolkit for Saint Lucia, Dominica and Grenada Carnivals”, recommendations and visions of the project’s funders and partners. The “Branding and Commercialisation of Carnival In Saint Lucia, Dominica And Grenada Project” a project of Export Saint Lucia, in partnership with Saint Lucia Carnival, Mas Dominik and SpiceMas Corporation, funded and supported by the Caribbean Development Bank’s Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF).