CHEMICO staff trained in Market Research Tools and Techniques


Mr. Thomas Roserie, owner of CHEMICO, having been tutored at TEPA on market research techniques had found the information imparted to him so useful that he made a special request to have members of his team at CHEMICO trained in the use of these tools. In March 2015 Mr. Roserie participated in the pilot of a TEPA developed program Market Research and Entry Program (MREP).

The Market Research Entry Program (MREP) is intended to take a client from market research through to export and market entry. Over the course, clients were assisted with market research and the production of tangible research documents. Clients are also be introduced to various research tools and instructed on their use. A critical component of this program is capacity building, whereby at the end of a successful run, clients should be able to conduct their own market research and create research documents, based on instructions during the course.

The team at CHEMICO was very receptive and appreciated the value of the information available through the use of the tools and resources introduced to them by TEPA. At the end of the session a short quiz was given whereby various scenarios where presented and CHEMICO team was asked to find solutions using these material and tools.

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