Business Month

business-month-logoTheme: Economic Growth through Business Support (with a focus on Youth and Women).

Theme rationale: Each of the entities which have subscribed to collaborate on the activities for “Business Month” is, by the nature of their business, supporting an entity, group or other BSO. The collective goal of the group is to see the economic prosperity of Saint Lucia and the greater contribution of the entities that we assist to the country’s GDP.

Timing: Month of September

The month of September marks the beginning of the school year, a month when students grow or enter a higher level/grade of education. This elevation to higher education is symbolic of growth and part of the theme and focus of Business Month, The Youth.



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This month of activities will be a collaborative venture of key stakeholders and affiliates under the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Industry and Consumer Affairs. The activities are intended to highlight the efforts of our various organisations – individually and collectively – in promoting and fostering business development on the island. They will also take a close look at to the achievements and challenges faced by public and private sectors including successful business persons sharing their stories and thereby advising the promising and potential entrepreneurs on the best practices and do’s and don’ts in business.


The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs is parent to a number of Business Support Organisations and other Affiliates. The full spectrum of support services needed to foster growth of businesses from incubation to export is somehow situated under the umbrella of this Ministry. It is in that regard that the Ministry had designated September as Business month and will take the opportunity to educate and advise the business community and Saint Lucians on a whole on the roles and functions of each of the affiliate entities. There will be celebratory events, showcase events, milestone event and general achievement events.

The Ministry has seen the need to disambiguate in the minds of Saint Lucians the functions of each of these affiliates. It has been a problem for some of the general populace to know which Agency to go to depending on their various needs. This calendar of month-long activities will also serve as an advertorial piece, highlighting the overall mandate of each entity and how they collude to achieve the work of the Ministry and by extension the work of the Government of Saint Lucia.

  • To create awareness of the functions of the Ministry of Commerce and its affiliate Agencies.
  • To celebrate the achievements of Women and Youth in the Business Community
  • To generate discussion on Entrepreneurship in Saint Lucia
  • To showcase achievements of affiliate Agencies and their plans to foster Business Development
  • To disambiguate the support path of business development from start-up to export

Partners /stakeholders/collaborators
  • Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries and Rural Development
  • Invest Saint Lucia
  • Saint Lucia Coalition of Service Institute
  • Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards
  • Small Enterprise Development Unit
  • Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce
  • National Competitiveness and Productivity Council
  • Belfund
  • Saint Lucia Development Bank
  • Trade Export Promotion Agency

Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and promotion will be through traditional and new media and will include:

  • Paper Press Releases
  • News Paper Articles
  • Social Media advertising
  • Banner Advertising on Affiliate websites
  • Television and Talk shows

NTN will be the main media partner and will cover most of the events. Other Ministries with Communication units will be called upon to cover event where the nature of the event falls within the scope of management of said Ministry.