Astana EXPO 2017 – Future Energy

Astana EXPO 2017 is a platform for debate and discovery enabling insights, introductions and decisions that shape peoples future, challenge the status quo and change their thinking. It is a unique global meeting place that brings business, policy and technology together to put people at the heart of sustainable energy debate. Pavilions and thematic court devoted to different aspects of Future Energy. Astana EXPO 2017 is going to be the largest global showcase in 2017. Apart from daily show marathon, musical events, the organizers plan to carry out large-scale cultural and educational program. Over 3000 event will be held during 93 exhibition days.

Astana Expo 2017 will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan from June 10 – September 2017 under the theme, “Future Energy.” The site, a 25 hectares (66 Acres) site is centrally located in Astana to host the first event of its kind in Central Asia.

Astana Expo 2017 is conceived as an extensive, integral project that addresses the fascinating topic of energy from several perspectives, allowing for it to be contemplated as a determining factor in how societies and everyday life function.

  • The exposition will be held from June – September 2017
  • Approximately 5 million visitors are expected to attend the Expo
  • More than 103 countries and 14 international organizations have confirmed their participation in the EXPO
  • A unique event of global importance for all people of all backgrounds and cultures, which encourages recreation and learning in an effort to grow awareness of future energy
  • A platform to promote education, training, furthering knowledge through art, culture and entertainment

Saint Lucia at Expo Astana 2017

In order for Saint Lucia to achieve its energy efficiency goals, some form of energy storage has to adopt. With the increasing use of intermittent renewable energy sources such as Solar and Wind, storage will be necessary in order to maximize the use of RE while allowing the electric grid to remain reliable. Making Renewable Energy dispatch able through storage will allow St. Lucia to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. The display will show possible storage solutions for Saint Lucia. It will focus on some of the more conventional storage systems.

  • Battery storage (Utility and Domestic scale)
  • Pumped Hydro storage

But it will also show that the country is open to new storage technologies.

Combined Display/ 100% Renewables Display

This display will combine all the aforementioned displays and show the possibility of a 100% renewable Saint Lucia. Combining Geothermal, Wind, Solar, Energy Efficiency and Storage to form a grand map that visitors can appreciate as a Green Saint Lucia. “Not Just our vegetation, but in the way we build, the way we move, the way we think and the way we live” (possible end credit to final display.) Destination Marketing: This display will showcase Saint Lucia as a destination presenting the islands’ products, services and culture within the National Pavilion. The stand will include literature, samples of products and an interactive experience into Saint Lucia’s history, culture and economy.

Saint Lucia is currently in the process of updating its regulatory and policy framework within the energy sector to facilitate a gradual transition away from fossil fuel based energy generation towards the use of renewable energy.

Legislation and regulations including the Electricity supply services bill and the energy efficiency bill are currently being drafted in order to facilitate the country’s transition towards renewable energy and independent power producers. In this regard, the government has set a goal of thirty-five percent (35%) of the national energy demand supplied by renewables by 2020. A national target of reducing energy consumption in the public sector by twenty (20) percent 2020 has also been established.

The push towards renewable energy and energy efficiency in Saint Lucia can be seen as a significant economic opportunity for provider of products and services in the energy sector. The main objectives of Saint Lucia’s participation are to:

  1. Generate interest in Saint Lucia by providing attendees of Astana Expo 2017 with information on Saint Lucia’s physical, socioeconomic and cultural attributes using attractive presentations and materials
  2. Attract potential investment in the Energy sector by providing information on St. Lucia’s energy sector, legislative and policy framework and priority areas to potential investors
  3. Attract potential technical and financial assistance from Donor and Development Agencies present at the Expo through the demonstration of:
    – A clear roadmap for the development of our energy sector
    – Demonstration of the specific needs with respect to financing and technical input
  4. Identify and utilise opportunities for national capacity building at the Expo
  5. Identify and establish contact with individuals and organisations who will potentially beneficial to Saint Lucia

Promotional Opportunities:

  • Being a part of an initiative focused on the achievement in the area of renewable energy
  • Exposure at local and international markets
  • Promotion of destination prior to and throughout the exposition

Business Opportunities:

  • Networking opportunities in the largest project of Kazakhstan
  • Corporate presence at the exhibition
  • Participation in meetings and training sessions with the government and participants of the exposition
  • Solicitation of potential investors/consultants for ongoing projects

Research/Assessment of market opportunities:

  • Assessing the market acceptance of new products
  • Testing new products opportunities