Agriculture and Food Market Reports


General Publications

An overview of Food Processing Industry in India Challenges and Opportunities

Adding Value to Local Foods for Food and Nutrition Security: Myth or Strategic Option 

Consumer Contribution To Food Contamination In Brazil: Modelling The Food Safety Risk In The Home

Developing Sustainable, Green And Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains In The Caribbean And The Pacific Islands – July 2014

Key Trends And Opportunities In Food And Retail Alice Dipenbrock, Head Of Country Research 

An Assessment Of The Economic Impact Of ClimateECLAC 

Effect of dietary change on greenhouse gas emissions and land use demandThe state of knowledge in 2014  

FDA Serving Size Comments 2014  

The Grocer: Focus on Free-from: From Medicine To Mainstream? 2012 

Health Foods and Dietary Supplements JETRO 

Food Facts Label – American Heart Association, 2014  

The ABARES/NCAP agristaples CGE model – Illustrative results for India Australian Government, Department of Agriculture 


Agro Processing

Capital Investment in Canadian Food ProcessingDouglas Hedley, May 2014 

Food Cereal GuidebookGuidebook for Export to Japan, 2011

Choice In Savoury Snacks – Innovation, Reformulation, Portions And Packs – Director General, ESA 

CBI Market Competitiveness: Spices And HerbsCBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Consumer Trends: Sauces, Dressings and Condiments in Germany – International Markets Bureau 

EFSA Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources added to Food (ANS)2, 3 – European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Parma, Italy 

EU Buyer Requirements For Natural Colours, Flavours And Thickeners CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Buyer Requirements for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

EU Buyer Requirements For Processed Fruit And Vegetables And Edible Nuts – CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

EU Buyer Requirements For Spices And Herbs – CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Guidebook for Export to Japan – Spices and Herbs,  (Food Articles) 2011 

Russian Federation: Food Processing IngredientsUSDA Foreign Agricultural Service 

LMC World Sugar Price ViewCane Growers, 2014 

Packaged Food in Central and Eastern EuropeInternational Markets Bureau, 2012 

Packaged Food Sales in the United Kingdom International Markets Bureau, 2012

United Kingdom: Packaging in the UK Food & Drink Industry – United States Department of Commerce  



Bananas – Environmental And Social Issues In Bananas – FAO 2003 

Unpeeling The Banana Trade – Fairtrade – 2009

Banana Market – Bananas Report, University of Florida – 2009



EU Buyer Requirements for Cut Flowers CBI Ministry Of Foreign Affairs


Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables

Climate Impact Of Producing More Grain Legumes In Europe – 9th International Conference LCA of Food San Francisco, 2014

Environmental Impacts Of Imported Versus Locally-Grown Fruits For The French Market  – October 2014 

Fresh Vegetables For Tomorrow’s Consumers – A German Perspective AMI, 2014 

Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook United States Department Of Agriculture  

Importation of Mangoes From Jamaica Into the Continental United StatesUS Department Of Agriculture 

Cabbage, The Miracle Worker May, 2012 

Guidebook for Export to Japan – Vegetables, Fruits, and Processed Products(Food Articles) 2011 


Juices and Drinks

United Kingdom: Packaging in the UK Food & Drink Industry – United States Department of Commerce 

Guidebook for Export to Japan -Soft Drinks, (Food Articles) 2011



Macro-Economic Impact Analysis of the South African Broiler Industry Applying The South African INFORUM Model (SAFRIM)