Have You Seen It?

Amidst the hustle and bustle of clearing customs and immigration, grabbing your bags and heading home, hotel or even the nearest bar. STOP! Breathe! You’ve made it! Here’s an idea; how about Something old! Something New! Something Borrowed! Something Blue! No I’m not proposing to you and this time I want you not to think of a wedding, but of export!

Have you any idea how many awesome, yes awesome goods and services are made right here in Saint Lucia? Some are old but we all know that “Vye Kannawi fe Bon Bouyon” – “Old pots make the best stew”. There is always Something New on the market! Have you tried gluten free Breadfruit Granola? How about Breadfruit jam? Have you heard that our own “bois pain” (breadfruit) is the new super-food? Now Something Borrowed – you know you have something you borrowed from a friend ten years ago (which reminds me), time to give it back.

Something Blue: Go find TEPA’s Brand Spanking New Airport Display (at Hewanorra International Airport), identify the product with the most blue on the label. Call the TEPA office and tell us which you think it is and win yourself a free sample (limited samples available).

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