First Ever Export Competitiveness Symposium!

November saw the inaugural year of Export Saint Lucia’s Export Competitiveness Symposium, having been touted a huge success from participants, officials and onlookers alike. Envisioned as an annual affair coinciding with business month activities, the symposium promises to be bigger and better in the years to come.

This year’s Export Competitiveness Symposium addressed three areas of concern to us and our clients. In keeping with the theme of “Sustainability” for Business Month we facilitated an “Export and Energy” workshop which will examined and considered conservation methods which can be employed towards the reduction of cost of production for our clients.

The second phase of the symposium focused on part of the export process in particular “Shipping and Logistics”. The idea was to advise and inform exporters on the process, best practices, do’s and don’ts and available services for exports.

The third and final component of this Symposium focused on monetizing the work of the creative sector “Creative Money”. Through this discussion invited a panel to answer the question “Is Saint Lucia able to recognize the creative sector as a viable source of income generation?”

We at Export Saint Lucia will take all recommendations coming out of the ECS and incorporate it into our work program as well as use said information to lobby on behalf of our clients.